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This is Ukraine Armed forces Armor Vest Korsar M-3   Original genuen military item. Made on special and official government contractor factory "TEMP-3000". Vest used, in good condition.    SOFT ARMOR PROTECTION PRESENT.      2 grenades..
$135.00 $89.00
Ex Tax: $89.00
Military Kevlar helmet "Kaska-1M" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Model 2014 USED
This is real %100 genuen military helmet with ballistic protection, made in Ukraine sinse 2014-2017.  Helmet "Kaska-1M" - used, in normal/good condition.    This model was made for war in southern and eastern Ukraine. The War in Donbass (also called..
$55.00 $49.00
Ex Tax: $49.00
UKRAINE Modern Ballistic Helmet, Olive, MODEL 2016
This is new model 2016 of Ukraine Army ballistic helmet, called "Kaska-1M".  Real 100% genuen military helmet with ballistic protection, made in Ukraine 2016.    Helmet "Kaska-1M" - never used, brand new. Olive color.   This helmet i..
$125.00 $99.00
Ex Tax: $99.00
Ukraine Digital Camo Uniform 2015
This is uniform model 2015. New digital camo pattern. Original military item. Officially called - Summer Combat Suit (jacket and pants)     Prehistory   Uniforms began to develop in 2014, the research center of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine was ..
$59.00 $49.00
Ex Tax: $49.00
Ukraine Army Standard TTsKO Woodland Camo Uniform
TTsKO (by russian TriTsvetnaia Kamuflirovannaia Odezhda) In Ukraine the pattern called as dubok (little oak). Camouflage woodland uniform officially called as "Summer Field Uniform". This pattern was originally developed by and issued to the Soviet Army since 1988. This is type of ca..
$55.00 $47.00
Ex Tax: $47.00
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